Safe Alternatives for Treating Youth (SAFTY)


Santa Barbara County CALL: 1-888-334-2777

SAFTY is for Crisis Calls Only. For general inquiries please call (805) 445-7800.

Safe Alternatives for Treating Youth (SAFTY) is a mobile crisis response service available 24/7 to all Santa Barbara County children and youth up to the age of 21.
SAFTY provides children’s crisis services in collaboration with CARES (Crisis And Recovery Emergency Services). The SAFTY program is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  SAFTY provides quick and accessible service to families by providing specialized crisis intervention, in-home support and linkage to County Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Services or other appropriate services.  Working in collaboration with the child’s existing service providers, SAFTY seeks to keep youth and families safe in their homes and communities.
The goal of the Safe Alternatives for Treating Youth (SAFTY) Program is to prevent psychiatric hospitalization and decrease the use of emergency rooms and law enforcement for mental health crisis by helping families develop improved conflict resolution skills, communication skills, and developing plans for managing crisis in the future.  The program also strives to prevent detention in juvenile facilities due to a mental health crisis. 
The SAFTY Program is sponsored by the Santa Barbara County Department of Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Services.


Sara Adams, MSW, Program Manager

Phone: (805) 319-7510

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