ILP Case Managers support each youth towards accomplishing all goals as outlined in their Transitional Independent Living Plan (TILP) or Supportive Transitional Emancipation Program (STEP). 

ILP Services target the following areas with youth:

  • Academic planning
  • Job readiness skills and career development and planning
  • Referrals and Assistance to promote health and wellbeing
  • Referrals to available mentors and mentoring programs
  • Independent living skills
  • Financial resources and money management
  • Housing information and assistance
  • Personal and community resources
  • Permanent, supportive relationships

ILP Case Managers meet with ILP youth individually once a month (or more if needed), providing support to each youth by guiding, coaching, instructing, monitoring and transferring independent living skills. ILP Case Managers also provide youth with a positive role model through the establishment of healthy relationships with youth; being examples of consistency and integrity.

ILP staff conduct regionally scheduled Independent Life Skills Development Workshops designed to disseminate information, provide life skills development training, and enhance social and interpersonal relationships. Independent Life Skills Development Workshops are informative, entertaining, and are developed to maintain youths’ interest by including them in the activity development and utilizing interactive games/assessment of skills.

ILP services provide assistance with developing community resources to meet the youth’s needs for a successful transition to adult independence.

We offer you...

  • Support in your transition towards emancipation, self-sufficiency, independence and in achieving YOUR goals!
  • Hands on Case Management support based on your individual needs
  • Voice, Choice and Preference
  • Fun, exciting and interactive Workshops
  • Social Events
  • Linkage to your community
  • A positive outlook towards your future
  • Essential life skills to become successful in life
  • Opportunities to build positive relationships
  • Opportunities to obtain Leadership skills and to advocate for yourself and others
  • Incentives and certificates of acknowledgement for active participants
  • Certificates of completion for every Independent Life Skills Development Workshop attended

Additional Resources

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