Pregnant Youth- What Are Your Legal Rights?

Have you ever thought about what your reproductive legal rights are? is a great resource if you are in a relationship, married, or pregnant and you need free legal advice. There are numerous options and listings to help you find out what is available to you: such as STD testing, contraception methods, and birth control pills. The website explains where to obtain it, how to obtain it, and the numerous options you may choose from.

It’s important to stay informed, and Pregnant Youth educates you with helpful information and options you may take when faced with making difficult decisions based on your specific situation.

Pregnant Youth also creates a community through “youth voices”. Youth write and share their own articles, which is a great way to learn different skills and strategies to handle difficult situations--because YOU are not alone.  

The website also includes an interactive map that can help you find the closest legal services, social services, and health services near you for assistance to meet YOUR needs.

Remember, it’s never wrong to ask questions and speak up, especially when it affects your health and well-being.   

Click on the link below and explore the invaluable resources available to you!

Your Rights as a Pregnant or Parenting Youth under 18 in California

Additional Resources

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