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Congratulations on getting a job! Now the real work begins. It probably was not easy getting the job. Now you need to figure out how to keep your job. Doing the work is only a part of it. There are other things that will make you successful at your job and able to continue to grow and gain experience. The following are keys to success at your job: 

1.) Be on time.

The first thing that your employer sees is when you arrive at work. Arrive on time, every day. This includes being on time from all breaks. 

2.) Be dependable. 

Work each scheduled shift. If you are going to be late to work or not able to work, call your supervisor. Give your supervisor as much notice as possible and be honest about your reason for your absence. Ask for time off in advance. Supervisors are much more likely to be understanding when you keep them informed. 

3.) Try your best. 

Do your best to complete all of your assigned tasks. Make sure you provide a fair day's work for a fair day's pay. Do not use work phones or computers for personal reasons. 

4.) Wear appropriate clothing.

Every job has different clothing requirements. Find out what is acceptable at your work. Before you wear jeans and a t-shirt to work, observe what other people are wearing and talk to your supervisor. 

5.) Ask questions. 

If you do not understand something, ask questions. Employers expect new employees to ask for instructions and demonstrations. Employers would rather spend more time training you than fixing mistakes later. 

6.) Find out workplace rules. 

Make sure that you know the rules you are expected to follow and follow them. They are there to help people work together and get the job done well. 

7.) Leave weapons at home. 

Employers assume that weapons at work will be used against others. Remember that pocket knives are considered weapons. Pepper spray can  also be considered a weapon, so discuss your work policy with your supervisor. 

8.) Do not use drugs and alcohol at work. 

Employers are responsible for your behavior at work. Employers will not tolerate drug or alcohol use because it presents a safety hazard and a liability. 

9.) Avoid backstabbing, gossip, and spreading rumors. 

Remember what goes around, comes around. It is best to stay away from problem employees. Your supervisor will begin to see you as a problem if you are involved with any of these. 

10.) Be positive!

Being positive may be the most important key to success. Enthusiasm is contagious and helps you do your job well. There will always be job responsibilities or coworkers that you don't like. Your ability to still do a good job despite what you don't like will make you stand out as a high quality employee. 


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