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Programs and Services 

  • Emergency Shelter

    • Women and children may stay in one of our 3 confidential emergency shelters for up to 45 days, where they receive emotional support, food, clothing, goal planning assitance, advocacy for medical, legal and financial resources, information and referrals. Residents and children participate in counseling and nightly support groups. 
  • 24 Hour Crisis Line

    • Domestic Violence Solutions operates 24-hour hotlines in Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, Lompoc, and Santa Ynez. Trained staff provide counseling, information, referrals, and access to immediate shelter. Staff also meet in person with potential residents to help formulate safety and shelter plans.
      • If you are questioning something that is happening to you, 
         call for confidential information and support.
      • Please know that you don't have to be in a crisis 
         to call the 24-Hour Support Line!
        • Santa Barbara: (805) 964-5245
        • Lompoc: (805) 736-0965
        • Santa Maria: (805) 925-2160
        • Santa Ynez: (805) 686-4390
  • DVERT (Domestic Violence Emergency Response Team) Program 

    • Domestic Violence Solutions' staff respond with law enforcement personnel to every domestic violence 911 call and provide victims with support, advocacy and access to safe, confidential shelter. 
  • Support Groups 

    • Free support group for victims & survivors of domestic violence.
    • Recognize signs of abuse, learn to fight fair, increase your self-esteem, and gain support from other women. 
  • Transitional Housing Programs 

    • Domestic Violence Solutions (DVS) operates a transitional housing program for women who have met their goals during their stay at the emergency shelter. Women and their children may stay up to eighteen months in one-bedroom apartments, while receiving group and individual counseling and other supportive services.
    • Second Stage is designed to allow survivors of domestic violence to make long-term positive changes for themselves and for their children. 
  • Teen Services Program

    • Teen Services Advocates from Domestic Violence Solutions are available year-round for presentations on teen relationship issues.
    • We provide interactive activities and videos in the High schools, Jr. High schools and any professional setting. 
    • Activities include a variety of related topics, including jealousy, communication, power and control, sexual harassment, and of course, descriptions of all types of abuse. 
  • Thrift Store 

    • The New Image Thrift Store, family owned and operated over 10 years, provides clothing, furniture and household goods for our shelter locations and clients, at no cost.
  • Holiday Happiness for All 

    • For most of us, the holiday season is one of the busiest yet happiest times of the year, a time for planning family get togethers, decorating our homes and tackling our gift lists. But domestic abuse is not a seasonal issue, and the shelters at DVS are often overwhelmed with even more new residents, especially at this time of year.
  • 40 Hour Domestic Violence (DV) Training Certification 

    • Earn 40-Hour DV Training Certification required to provide direct service in a domestic violence agency.
    • Learn evidenced-based strategies for counseling and client advocacy & case management that support recovery from domestic violence.
    • Increase your understanding of how domestic violence, mental health, substance abuse intersect, effective practices of trauma-sensitive & culturally competent service delivery. 
  • Internships

    • Domestic Violence Solutions for Santa Barbara County works to end the intergenerational cycle of domestic violence by providing prevention and intervention services and by challenging society's attitudes, beliefs and behaviors to effect social change. Solutions are available ... for everyone. 
  • Volunteer Program 

    • Help families in the community break the cycle of violence!
      • Educate local teens about healthy relationships & early warning signs of abuse.
      • Directly impact the lives of domestic violence victims as a client advocate.
      • Provide child mentoring and assistance to mothers in our shelter programs.
      • Support agency efforts to raise community awareness with public events & campaigns.

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