What's the Difference Between Vocational Schools and Universities?

Vocational School:
2 Year Community College:
4 Year University:
Career Specificity
• Specialized Trades
• e.g. Plumbing, Auto Mechanic, etc.
Takes Less Time
• 6 months to 2 years
Qualified for job as soon as you graduate
♦ Provide you with job placement assistance in industry of interest
Can do entire program online or on campus site, depending on the school
More Hands-On Experience
Average Cost of Attendance: $33,000 (Saves you more money!)
♦ Associate's Degree
• Part Time
• Can Work
Specialized Degree
• e.g. Police, Dental, Therapy
Transfer Opportunity
♦ Flexible During School
Average Cost of Attendance: $6,000
Bachelor's Degree
• B.A. (Arts)
 B.S. (Science)
More Options
• Study Abroad Programs
Career Flexibility
Grad School:
• Medicine
• Law
• Business
Flexible Opportunities After Graduation
Average Cost of Attendance: $127,000


* Contact your Case Manager if you would like to know more about your options and we can get started on creating a college or vocational training plan tailored FOR you!

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