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A primary goal of this office is to identify and provide current career information and resources so that you may:

  • Identify and assess your interests, skills, and aptitudes/abilities
  • Use assessment results to research potential career options
  • Use career assessment reports for advising, academic planning and follow-up
  • Research scholarship sources, schools and labor market information
  • The CJPC supports the personal development course offerings as well as other disciplines requiring students to utilize the resources in the lab (i.e., English, Child Development, and Cooperative Work Experience Education).
Additionally, academic counselors are available to assist career and technical education students with the development of focused academic plans. Contact the counseling office at (805) 922-6966 ext. 3293 in Santa Maria or at ext. 5293 in Lompoc to schedule an appointment.

Available Career Resources

  • Eureka - A California database with facts on over 800 occupations. Eureka matches your skills with careers and provides a comprehensive report that includes job definition, work environment, personal characteristics and skills required; potential earnings and labor market data; and an education database to research programs of study and schools offering the preparation.
  • Choices - Gives adults in career transition new ways to consider their experience and to relate their transferable skills, interests and priorities to career and education options. A scholarship database, information about education and training programs, and a Career Aptitude Survey is included.
  • Career Path - Matches careers with the user’s abilities, interests, education, and preferences, using 140 industries, schools, and programs offering training.
  • Pinpoint Career Guidance System - Combines comprehensive self-assessment with powerful career matching; and brainstorms career possibilities by evaluating the user's personality profile against a database of professional careers to determine compatibility.
  • Please Understand Me - A self-assessment designed to provide greater insight and understanding of the effect of personality and temperament on career choice, job satisfaction, and relationships with others.
  • Type Focus - Assesses personality type as well as potential for success; and generates customized reports which help users understand themselves better so they can choose more effective career strategies.
  • Printed Materials and Reference Works include - Dictionary of Occupational Titles, Guide for Occupational Exploration, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Dictionary of Holland Occupational Codes, and reference and guide books addressing related topics.


Beyond Foster Care: Need for Services Beyond the Age of 21

This survey is for California former foster, Independent Living Program (ILP) eligible probation, and dual status youth ages 22 to 35. The purpose of the study is to explore the experiences and need for services of California former foster, ILP eligible probation, and dual status youth who are between the ages of 22 and 35. Participation in the study would last about 20 to 35 minutes. You may choose to withdraw your participation at any time. Your answers will be confidential. The information will be kept in a secure database with no identifying information for the duration of the study. 

The findings of this study will be used to provide suggestions for programs and services that will improve long-term outcomes for former foster, ILP eligible probation, and dual status youth. 

Visit this link in order to complete the survey! 


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